I Love It, I Love It Not

I was actually telling a friend of mine the other night that I’m going to start living my life like I shop…try to follow me here: When shopping, I ask myself, do i love it- or can’t stop thinking about it? If yes- then i buy. If no- then i pass. I’ve just decided to apply this to my everyday life decisions. The concept is quite simple: only say yes to things you really want/ want to do.
Sounds easy, but it can be tricky. For example, I’d always go to things (i.e. random events in Hollywood that started at 10 on a Tuesday) b/c I had committed, didn’t want to bail and thought I should for the sake of not letting people down. Then I’d find myself leaving after an hour or so and would think: great- time to scrape off this makeup and go to bed- what a waste!
My point is that you could just buy something because it isn’t expensive or because you need something to wear for that party and this will do… OR you can only buy the items that you really like- giving you a closet full of things that make you feel good- instead of one that is packed with snap purchases that you’ll never really want to wear (ever or again).
The end.
(Is this too diary-ish for a blog post? 🙂 )

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9 Responses to I Love It, I Love It Not

  1. Sara says:

    Lena, I second this and admit that I am one of those people with a closet mostly filled with “blah” and a few pieces that are truly “me”! I plan on shopping more coherently and not making those desperate purchases. Thanks for writing this…makes so much sense. And don’t worry about being to diary-ish…this is good stuff! 😉

  2. Kayla says:

    You’re right!! I find myself only shopping when I need something for an event and not when I really want things. Thanks!!!! You should blog about what styles are in next! B)

  3. Kayla says:

    By the way I LOVE the dress rehearsal page very cute 🙂

  4. Brittany says:

    Hi Lena,
    Your website looks great.
    I agree with you, I was shopping this weekend and just purchased a couple of shirts and didn’t feel too good about it, they were cute but I didn’t love them, they were Okay. I ended up returning them before I left the mall and buying this purse I had spotted before I bought the shirts because I was in love with that purse so much more. I’m happy with my smart return and purse purchase.
    From my shopping experience, I feel like when you’re shopping for something you never actually find what you want. That’s why you always have to be prepared for an upcoming event or anticipate the next event to always stay on top of the fashion game to look your best!!
    Great work Lena!

  5. jeni says:

    I love the look of this blog! I have a feeling I will be visiting this one more than Bossip.com 🙂 For real though, Lena is my Style Goddess!

  6. nicole druschke says:

    You are so right! My closet is full of things that I have only worn once or haven’t worn at all and all it does for me is provides a place for me to stand and stare for an hour before I go out muttering “I have NO CLOTHES!” My friends and family laugh at me because my closet and drawers are full, but what they don’t understand is that the majority of it are not things I love. Only thing is, I hate shopping so I don’t get out there and search for those things I will love. Do you service people in Michigan? 😉

    PS, you can also apply your idea to men. Don’t go out with them unless you’re really excited. My mom would say otherwise, but I found myself on countless boring dates I couldn’t wait to be done with before I found the man of my dreams.

    Good luck with all of this Lena!!!

  7. Ann Marie says:

    You have just enlightened me. You are so right. This probably will save me a lot of money also. Daniel will love you for that. In fact I was just going through my closet and noticed how many things I have wore one time and never again, what a waste. If I don’t love love love it – don’t buy or do it. The site looks great. I love the pictures.

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