This past weekend my oldest friend (we grew up next door to each other) got married. And I had the privilege of standing up in her wedding.

Now for all you brides, brides-to-be and previous bridesmaids, you know the task of picking out the right bridesmaid dress can be tricky. Sure, it’s the bride’s day and ultimately what she says goes, but she still wants her friends to like her after! 🙂

So the hard part is finding the balance between what you (the bride) like and what is going to be flattering on your friends. The best way to do this is to select an individual style that works well for each girl (silhouette and color tone) . Don’t worry, it won’t look messy or chaotic- all the dresses will be within the same color palette (the one you’ve chosen) so there will be that uniformity that so many want to see in their pictures.

If having different styles isn’t what you want for your wedding, then I suggest selecting a cut that is flattering to all shapes (empire waist is always safe) or a style that makes every girl look like the same silhouette.

My friend had so many challenges to think about when selecting her dresses: we had girls spread out across the country, two in other countries and a sister due with her first baby a week before the wedding. Everyone was a different body type- ranging from professional swimmer to petite!

In the end, it all worked out. Dresses were ordered online, a fantastic coordinating dress was chosen for the recent mommy and because of the cut of the dress, everyone looked like an hourglass silhouette. It [the dress] visually created a waist while slightly accenting the top half (sweetheart neckline) and lower (minimal flair).

Congratulations Anita & Ferras!

And welcome baby Maya!


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