Budget Babes

I was driving to Chicago the other weekend (cousin’s 21st b-day- rah!) and I kept seeing a series of billboards. Each looked like a page from a spiral notebook and had a different saying about the recession. Even though I can’t remember who paid for the ad, I thought it was a cool campaign. (Def. stood out among the other billboards of Chevy dealerships and places selling fireworks. :))

One of them said: “Lesson: This is a test not the final.”

And maybe I’m trying to be too deep here (especially since I haven’t talked about clothes yet!) but I think that’s a really cool thing to write/think about. It obviously meant the recession and how, or at least how I interpreted it, it will get better- like every hard time does.

So, translating this to shopping, I think about two things: 1) time to get creative in the things you own and 2) try be smart in the things you buy.

Actually, I think we should always be doing this (just especially during the recession)- mixing pieces together. I say: try to buy items that you can do a couple different things with- that aren’t too limiting. I mean, yes, if you love a crazy pattern dress, sure- get it! But just make sure you have say, a solid color jacket or sweater and different shoes that you can throw on to create more than one look- especially to take something from season to season (summer to fall). Also get yourself some accessories, sometimes that makes all the difference in changing something up.

My point: start mixing things and think about how else you could wear something before you buy it… or at least ‘till your furlough days stop. 🙂

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