Suit Up

It has been requested that I write something for the guys too. Ok, fair enough, my last post was way girly.

Some guys look their best when dressed up, others when in a t-shirt, ALL when wearing a suit. There’s that sharp- pulled togetherness that can transform even the most casual guy into something that wows you.

This season there’s a lot of talk about suit options. The addiction to Mad Men for so many has had a big influence on this. Whether you’re a “special occasion/weddings only” suit wearing kind of guy, or it’s your daily attire, here are a few tips to set yourself apart.

Double-breasted styles: Be careful, these are best suited for tall, thinner frames. This style will add bulk, so if you have a wider build, opt for a single lapel jacket- 1 or 2 buttons. (It really doesn’t matter which, as you’ll only be using one [button] anyway.)

Suit- Louisvuitton

Navy: Black is basic, navy is needed. It looks better on every skin tone and is more versatile. There’s a saying in London: ‘No brown in town.’ Basically, the city is anti-brown. Say for example if you have a business meeting… you better not wear brown- people will know you’re not from the area and they’ll look at you like you didn’t get the memo. (It originates from the distinction between those who live in the city and those in the countryside.) My point is, navy is also an excellent substitute for those who think black is a little too harsh for them, and who love brown… and are traveling to London. (Loose tie-in, but you get it. :))


Add some character: You can have some fun mixing patterns and textures with your shirt and tie, but to really make a statement, try a bold pair of socks, a pocket square or a tie bar.


Jon Hamm as Don Draper00001f

P.S. I’m going to write guy specific entries on Fridays. (And still keep the Monday posts.) I know, I don’t mean to give you another thing to remember- just trying to do a little boys on one side, girls on the other. 🙂 (Ladies, apparently the men aren’t concerned about bridesmaids styles!)

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