You Gotta Work With What You Got

The idea for this title came from my little sister, Kayla. She was telling me about the boys in her grade and who everyone likes etc. (think back to 8th grade :)) I had asked her why several of her friends ‘liked’ people in different grades. She replied with: “You gotta work with what you got.” (referring to her take on the slim pickings of her class)

It made me laugh, especially in the hopeless, matter of fact tone that she used. It also got me thinking, this too is great advice for selecting pieces for your wardrobe. You gotta work with the figure you have. So, if there’s a fall trend that you are loving, but aren’t sure you can pull it off, (well, you can always call me) but work with what you’ve got!

For example, as a general principle of Line and Shape, any kind of skinny jean, jeweled tights or leggings (esp. latex!) are not ideal for those with a triangle or hourglass figure. However, if you really want to rock this out, there are ways to do so.

Here’s how to pull off a couple fall trends that are tricky for those who carry their weight in their lower half.

1) 80s party dresses: Make sure the length doesn’t hit at your widest part of your thigh- especially since these are on the tighter side. Also, balance out your bottom half by making your top wider. This can be done with a strong shoulder dress (shown) or by adding a jacket with some volume.

Balmain DressLong Sleeve Dress

2) Skinny Pants/Motorcycle & Shredded Jeans: The idea here is to keep the eye moving up. So, pair these skinny pants with a bib top. (i.e. not a straight cut shirt) Because these shirts curve up on the sides, it makes the thigh look longer. Also, adding a third piece to your outfit is a good idea as it breaks up the space. (scarf, vest, jacket etc.)

Ripped JeansElizabeth & James Collar Shirt

So that’s that. Do you want me to write about another fall trend/tricky shape? Just let me know!

P.S. I’m going to start posting every Monday. (And any other day if something pops in my head.) So when you’ve reached that point in your day, when you’re a little distracted and need a break, check back here. (I mean, after you’ve gone through your personal emails of course. :))

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4 Responses to You Gotta Work With What You Got

  1. Christine says:

    I’m curious about sweaters. They come from the ballerina type to the long blanket type and I’ve seen each style worn in a fashionable (and equally unfashionable) way by multiple different people. Is there a way to break down sweaters for the fall?

    • lena says:

      Hi Christine,
      I’m going to include a few images, so my response will be in the form of a post. (Ah WordPress- so many plugins!)

  2. maggie says:

    that picture of the black dress where can i purchase it? 🙂

    • lena says:

      Hi Maggie,

      That dress if from fall ’09, so it isn’t in stores anymore. I suggest checking on ebay. Also, if you love the look of Balmain, then check out the selection on
      Happy shopping. 🙂


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