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First, you want to make sure that your sweater is serving the purpose of a top or a jacket, not both. (i.e. You don’t want to be sweating indoors and fine outside.) Material like cashmere is a good option because it keeps you warm while inside and is also thin enough for you to wear a jacket over.

Second, the idea is always balance! So, if you have a chunky or loose fitting sweater, pair it with something more fitted. (i.e. There are some very cool patterned leggings/tights out for fall, slim pants (skinny jeans) or a pencil skirt.) These will be more of your “jacket” type look. If you’d rather go with a less structured piece underneath (a dress) then create some kind of shape by adding a belt.

chunky sweater 2blanket sweater 2DKNY sweater1

As for the ‘ballerina’ or wrap style sweaters, these are usually more form fitting. The best way to wear this is with something of volume (suggestions: skirt or wide leg pants).

ballerina sweaterwide leg pant

Hope this helps!
Get excited for fall… I am!


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  1. Christine says:

    Thanks Lena!

    Ok, now the big question is……BOOTS.

    Fall is big on boots, think you can give me/us a crash course?

    • lena says:

      Sure. Who doesn’t love a great pair of boots?!
      I’ve actually had a few other requests for this topic… so stay tuned as I’m going to do a post about it soon. 🙂

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