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Did you know fall (call it autumn if you prefer) technically begins on September 22nd? I actually did look this up. Mostly because it doesn’t yet feel like fall and as much as I want to write about the new season’s apparel, it just doesn’t feel like the right time to talk about jackets, scarves etc. But, we can talk about shoes!

Please put away the flip flops now. (Unless of course you live in Hermosa Beach, CA- where Rainbows and Havaianas are a year round staple. :)) Bring out the colder weather gear. There are all kinds of casual kicks to choose from, but today I want to talk about boots specifically. And when I say boots, I mean these:

ring wing boot


Not these:

trekking bootsfire cowboy

We’re talking about a non intensive shoe- not something you would wear trekking through the mountains. These will be your stand in for sneakers. Shoes need recovery, so rotate them and don’t have an “all purpose” shoe.

Obviously, the type of boot you choose will vary depending on where you live in the country. Where it gets cold (snows) you’ll need a tougher shoe as opposed to warmer weather areas where you can go with something lighter, such as a Chukka.

chukkachukka 2

I normally don’t name drop (promote brands), but I’m going to do so now. 🙂

Red Wing and Frye have always produced quality boots at a good price (mid-level range). And there are several styles by Timberland & Caterpillar that I really like this year too. (Side note: If you’re thinking, ‘Tims, really? Caterpillar, like the industrial boot?’, you are not alone; I had the same mindset but that changed once I check a few pairs out.)


To complete this semi-mountain man look (kidding!) wear them with a plaid shirt- for a very fall ‘I didn’t try too hard’ look.

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