Detroit Fashion Week

Sorry for not writing last Friday and Monday as promised. Detroit Fashion Week has been consuming much of my time.

What’s that? Yes, Detroit has a fashion week! It wrapped up on Saturday with its 12 designer runway show.

Having just moved to metro Detroit, this was my first experience with this show. The concept was cool: give budding designers a platform to showcase their work. (Think “Project Runway”- minus the reality show. :)) There was a variety of collections which kept  the night flowing with creativity and gave a little something for everyone.

I styled the Fall Collection for designer Luminita Murphy. To give you an idea of the feel of her show, picture a lady walking the streets of Pairs in say, 1952. (This would be easier if you could hear the French lyrics that were playing in the background.)

From what I’ve seen thus far, there is a real creative energy in the Detroit fashion scene. It’s almost like a “split”, but in a good way. You have your funky arts & crafts designers. (i.e. There is a very cool artist who makes necklaces, clutches etc- solely out of recycled t-shirts.) And then there are the women’s wear designers who are conjuring up swimwear lines and couture bridal collections that are being sold in shops across the country.

Anyway, I’ll write about the show in more detail once I get the runway shots.

Currently, I am on a flight back to L.A. (Why do I always take the red eye? I can never fall asleep!) So I’ll finish up now as the flight attendant is cruising down with the snack cart. (Hmm, what to get, pretzels or peanuts? Or a $5 “pack” of jerky and Oreos- eek! ick! What do you think the shelf life is for airplane food/snacks? Do you think they even check? :)) I could go on and on about airlines in general so I’ll stop here!

I leave you with this article in CNN, which was written just before the kick off of DFW. I like the perspective they took: taking auto design talent/experience and transferring it into fashion. Sounds like clean lines to me…

(P.S. I don’t love that first runway shot.)

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