Kayla’s Next Top Model

For those of you who don’t know, I have a thirteen year old sister. (yes, large age gap- big “surprise” in the family :)) For her recent birthday party, we had a mini photo shoot. (Pretty cool, right? Man, I am an awesome sister!)

Anyway, I was the um, clown- I mean entertainment for the party. Each girl went through magazines to prep for her very own color analysis. Then, after everyone knew what colors fit them best, they started picking out the dresses for their “shoot.”

This was actually hilarious and so much fun! I will admit, as soon as the house started to fill with teenage girls (all 10 of them!) that hadn’t seen a whole lot of each other over the summer, I wondered if I could make it through the day. (Picture lots of hugging, screaming and comments about how they ‘love’ so-and-so’s new short hair.) Actually, it just hit me-this really isn’t too different from women over 13. 🙂

Moving on… we had a huge rack of dresses for the girls to choose from, a makeup artist and of course, a fan- to really get that hair blowing!

It was too funny. Apparently all the girls are way into America’s Next Top Model so they had the posing and blowing kisses down pat! After, because my sister Kayla is so creative and into art projects, each girl decorated her own picture frame to hold her exclusive photo shoot picture.

(Too many exclamation points in this post?! ha.)
Here’s a group pic of the birthday party. (I know, I know, bummer most had taken off their dresses by this point.)


Is this the part where I plug our services? Ok, sure: we are available for any girl group events. So, grab your girlfriends and throw a soiree different than you’ve ever had before!

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  1. Kayla says:

    This party was a blast! I am so thankful to have such an amazing sister. It really does not feel like this party was a year ago because it is still fresh in everyone’s mind, including mine. This party was so much fun, I will never forget it.

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