Popping The Question

I just read an article on the man’s engagement ring and was confused the whole time. I understand that this is more commonplace in other countries (besides the U.S.). And I’m all for equality of men and women. It must have been the story within the article that I questioned most.

It went on to describe how after the guy had proposed, the delighted little lady ran to her bedroom and pulled out his engagement ring that she had been holding onto until this day. Her theory was, “If I have to show the world that I’m off the market, so should he.” I get the principle and I’m not saying there isn’t some truth to that… but just the way she went about it… “hiding” it in her underwear drawer and “waiting.” It was all just so weird. I guess if he never popped the question, you could make it into a charm on a necklace (reminding yourself how lame you were) or maybe sell it to that Cash4Gold company that runs a million commercials a day. What do you think? (not about Cash4Gold, about the man’s engagement ring)
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2 Responses to Popping The Question

  1. Dom says:

    What ever happened to trust? I couldn’t imagine asking a woman to marry me- a woman i’ve devoted time, emotion, energy, money, etc. to – and have her immediate reaction be, now wear this ring so that women will leave you alone and i know you’ll be good.

    Perhaps I’m the weird one that feels, with or without a ring on a finger, that having my “other half” be ‘hit on’ at an event is a stroke to MY ego as well as hers. That is the ultimate compliment seeing someone trying to pick them up and fully knowing that she is mine-as i am hers. That’s what trust is. Who doesn’t love the reality of the “across the room, smile at each other, you’re doing your thing, i’m doing mine” scenario?! One doesn’t need a ring to tell the world they’re off the market; but trusting in your wo/man sure speaks highly of the health status of the relationship/marriage. Did I just rant?

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