The Perfect Fit

GQ Magazine hosted a benefit last week. The event was meant to bring about awareness against puppy mills. (Although, besides the bracelets that were for sale, you wouldn’t have known that was the focus of the party.) It was held at a very swanky house in the Hollywood Hills. The invite stated the owner asked that each guest remove their shoes. I read it, but thought that was a loose request. (aka: I had no intention of not wearing my shoes- they were a major part of the outfit. :))

Sure enough, my friend & I walk in the foyer to find the walls lined with cubbies! I felt like it was preschool all over again. It was pretty funny actually. As the night progressed it felt more like an upscale prom after party- with everyone running around barefoot.

Ok, enough about feet. The thing I want to mention is fit. I really took notice of the well tailored individuals. For men & women, fit matters most. You could be wearing an extremely expensive, of-the-moment piece, but if it doesn’t fit correctly, then you don’t look good.

The easiest way to improve/polish up your look is by having a custom fitted shirt. I say this because it’s what men wear most (aside from jeans). You wear these shirts to work, to go out in, on holidays and to events, etc. Needless to say, it makes sense to have this article of clothing fit well.

Enter: J.Hilburn. This is a brand that I am proud to help build. From when I was first approached with the idea, I loved it! It was a perfect compliment to my company and there wasn’t anything like it- I knew my clients would love these made-to-measure shirts.

Sure there are other resources for custom apparel, but that involves going to a store or tailor and spending more… and waiting longer. (Trust me, I’ve done the research.)

So, why wouldn’t you want a shirt that fits exactly how you want it, looks just how you imagined and you can have me handle all the details?!

We were recently on Fox Business News:

Get on board!
(And of course, contact me with any questions.)


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2 Responses to The Perfect Fit

  1. Dom says:

    This is a great idea. I am often quoted as telling my male clients, “the best thing you can have, besides an understanding woman, is a great tailor.” Then I started becoming more involved with made-to-measure for my own life. What a difference! Sleeve length, neck size, underarm, height length..all important! We all hate the “bubble” at our waistlines or the fabric under our arms. Made-to-measure IS the way to go and have since recommended to the clients I still maintain relationships with!! Great entry and I must try out J.Hilburn.

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