Hats Off To You

Remember when I wrote about really taking a look at a piece before you buy it (in terms of its longevity or compatibility with the rest of your wardrobe)? Well, here’s a little something to add to that.

Instead of splurging on a whole new fall/winter look, all you really need to do is incorporate a few little touches (accessories). “Style is 95% confidence and 30% accessories.”- Isaac Mizrahi.

For now, I’m talking about hats. Putting on a hat adds character to the ensemble. You don’t need to spend a lot, it keeps you warm and best of all, there is that sort of coolness that you feel when you have one on. I liken it to how Victoria Beckham must feel as she hides behinds her shades. (Yes, I am reading Posh’s mind. :))

Here are a couple ideas. Rock out whichever style you’re feeling.


P.S. Shopbop has a great selection!

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