These Boots Were Made For Walking

I was in Chicago last week (hello winter weather!) and I thought I’d write a little about footwear. Additionally, I’ve been asked by a reader to speak about boots so I don’t want to leave her hanging.

I think being in that city (and the cold) has really awakened me to the fact that I have to shop differently now that I no longer live in SoCal. When you look at shoes, you need to think “can these make it through rain & snow?”. There are some adorable and equally edgy open toe ankle boots out there… but that just doesn’t make sense if you’re going to be trekking through puddles and come February, slush- yuk!

Alongside the weather conditions, you also have to think if the shoe is flattering for you. Boots, like socks, come in a few lengths: ankle, calf, knee and over the knee. And in all these categories, you always want to make sure that the shoe doesn’t hit (end) at the widest part of your leg. Pay attention to where the shoe stops. The eye will travel towards that area. Extra props if you get a boot that fits loosely- one that doesn’t cling to your leg. (Hint: it’ll make your leg look thinner!)

Also, if you just really can’t help yourself and go for the open toe, do like my rainy city friends and put on some Wellies and stash the heels in your bag for later. (Side note: I always thought rain boots were so lame and either reminded me of my elementary school days- wet boots in a row outside the classroom- or the Galoshes my dad had over his shoes. I’m breaking down now though, especially with the cute fleece liners that are available.)
Lastly, remember to prep up your boots! This means weatherproofing with a spray protector. You can grab a can at virtually any shoe store or Target. (When in doubt, run to Target!) This is essential to do to your old favorites and new purchases.


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