What to write about today…well, I feel as though I should talk about holiday gift giving or “what to wear to all those parties” you have coming up… or maybe about the apparel of the AMA’s? Actually, is there really anything to talk about there? Lady Gaga wore the unusual yet usual flesh colored thing, the Black Eyed Peas- a robot suit and well, don’t we all wish sometimes that we could pull off shades indoors like Jay Z? 🙂

Anyway, let’s talk about how to handle doing any kind of shopping for the next 5 weeks. Sure it’s cute having the lights and trees and Christmas music playing about, but the crowds, the backordered online pieces and the enormous line at Starbucks can contribute to some serious anxiety!

The other day I popped into a shoe shop. I wanted to see if they had anything new and I sort of tore up my black ankle boots so I needed a new pair. It was dark (outside, not in the store), crowded and I could have sworn I heard carolers (which is weird, right? seeing as it’s before Thanksgiving). Anyway, this, combo’d with the 15 year old sales associate telling me that I would ‘turn heads’ if I bought & wore those shoes, got me a little rattled. (I normally deal with the same girl when I go in there; she happened to be out that day.)

Have you ever been there? Intending for it to be a quick/good shopping experience and then all these other factors happen and make you just want to exit the store ASAP. (You then tell yourself you’ll come back tomorrow at an earlier time.)

Hmm, how to avoid this? Well, it’s like that old saying “you can’t control other people’s actions, only your own.” Strolling through shops is great and fun, but not if you have specific things to buy/people to buy for. My advice? Plan ahead of time. Write it down if you’re a list person. I.E. “need charcoal skinny jeans, knit booties for my niece, gift certificate to ____ for my sister.” This way you have a purpose. Once that’s done, you can wander around aimlessly and check out other places.

So, I basically just told you to make a list. (Mind blowing advice, I know! :))

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Are these posts getting too lengthy?


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