Lucky Shops

This past Saturday Lucky Magazine held its annual Lucky Shops event. (I’m in NYC this week.)

It was a lot of fun and I walked away with some goodies. In addition to buying up merchandise, you could also get yourself primped for that night- (Garnier was doing hair and Maybelline, makeup).

I just want to mention something real quick about sample sales, or any kind of discounted shopping event; arrive later. Most people think you need to get there when the doors open (so you can have access to a better selection). While it depends on the event and if they are replenishing stock or set it all out at once, arriving late has its advantages. 1) It’s usually less crowded and 2) many times the boutiques will continue to drop their prices as the day progresses. (You should probably show up at the same time as your friend too… nothing will bum out either of you more than getting the same piece at different prices! :))

Happy shopping!

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