Strap It On

(Title too risque? Read on- it makes sense.)

I just finished working on the set of Alleged.
The film takes place in 1925. What does that mean? Lots of fun time period clothes! My favorite, the garters and suspenders. The Extras on set really had to get used to the whole concept. The garters weren’t like anything you’d find in Victoria Secret’s. They were the real deal (actually from the costume vault). The nylons (I’m tempted to use the word “hose.” :)) worn were loose and basically just sort of sagged (hence the need for garters).

Now, If you’d like to start wearing these under your clothes, there are some real advantages here. One is that you avoid the sometimes suffocating feeling tights give you- or if you’re like me, tights often are way too high (aka, ending just under my bra- super uncomfortable- especially after consuming… anything).

On the other hand, if you would rather have these be part of your visible appearance, be very subtle about it! (Otherwise, you’re basically stepping into hooker territory.) Instead of the total “lingerie as clothes look,” opt for wearing these with winter shorts or a dress- showing just a peek.

Lastly, suspenders: many male characters in the movie were outfitted in these, but I say, why not let the ladies in? Adding suspenders can be fun… and to keep yourself feeling more like a woman and less like a little boy (or old man), pair it with a feminine piece (something with less structure- ruffles for example).


P.S. Sorry for the lack of a “good example.” I hope at least the “what not to wear” version of Taylor Momsen is entertaining enough!

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