J.Hilburn Party Recap

Hi. Last Saturday was the J.Hilburn Preview Party. Good times! And thank you to all the guests!

I was running around most of the night, but thankfully a few shots were taken. 🙂
(See them here.)


CIMG1980CIMG1977CIMG1973CIMG1970For those who weren’t there, here’s a little recap:
We had samples from the J.Hilburn custom shirt line on display (ooh, ahh).

After each guy was measured (by yours truly) he was then able to pick out the fabrics he wanted for his shirts. (The fabric books are divided into categories: solids, stripes and checks.) SO, if you felt like you needed a purple stripe shirt, it was easy to find. Or if you were new to the custom shirt world, a solid white was your best bet- as it’s a wardrobe staple.

Next, you picked out the details (with the help of our stylish crew :)). These shirts are completely custom; you choose the type of collar, cuff, pocket (if desired), front and back. Want some definition in your back? Pick “side pleats.” Have a narrow face? Go with a collar of the opposite shape, such as a  “cutaway.” OR, if that was just too much choice, you could have picked from a “quick look”- for example the Western. (Which is a great going out/bar shirt.)CIMG1967

All of this was done while sipping cocktails- THANK YOU to The Whitney Ghost Bar for supplying us with $5 martinis! (If I didn’t have to measure, I would have had more! :))

Because the event was such a success, we’re going to do it again… this time a little less formal, most likely a happy hour- spot TBD, but I’ll let ya know.



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  1. Stasia says:

    Love the shirts!

    Recently on trips to New York and Europe, I saw allot of people wearing scarves. Can you demonstrate some different ways to tie a scarf or pashmina.

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