“Cause I’m A Free B*tch, Baby”- Lady Gaga

I went to the Lady Gaga concert last week. Her show, of course, was very entertaining. But the ‘little monsters’ that attended (her fans) might have been more fun to watch. 🙂

These posts are supposed to be style related- not merely ‘what I did this week.’ So in an effort to find a tie-in, I will say to you that as weird as many think Lady Gaga is, she also represents something too, individuality.

We all get inspired from different things. She, clearly, has taken on a mix of Madonna (cone bra tops), Michael Jackson (embellished jackets) and Marilyn Manson (elaborate make up).

True, it felt more like Santa Monica Boulevard on Halloween than a stylish affair, but the effort some people took was amusing. If you weren’t in a leotard or rocking a hair bow (your own hair made into a bow) than you were in the minority. But isn’t that what finding your style is supposed to be about?… Having fun. 🙂

Here are the best and worst of the Detroit little monsters:

Tutu + Sweater= Playful!

BFF Multiple Animals + Sequins= Romy  & Michele’s High School Reunion!

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