A Little Bit Gritty, A Little Bit Pretty

That’s what girls want to see. It’s all about balance. If you’re covered in flannel, you look like a lumberjack and if your hair is stiff to the touch (too much product) and you’re perfectly primped, you look like you’re trying too hard.

If you’re sporting a 3 day scruff, for example, then have something on that isn’t as cave-manish (i.e. a nice (non-sporty) watch, a fitted blazer etc). Conversely, if you’re wearing a shirt and tie, throw on a knitted hat or a casual coat. Some visuals to help describe:

Here are a couple simple ways to get that balance in your daily attire (especially during these winter months):

Go with a knit tie: There are good ones at J.Crew & Ralph Lauren Black Label

Pair a parka or down-filled vest: with your shirt & tie

Wear straight & slim cut jeans with boots: Not skinny jeans. Show off the boots too (don’t hide ‘em).

Have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. M.J. says:

    Great post, Lena!

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