Face Frame

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and thought, ‘Whoa, my face looks fat!’ (and then hoped your buddy didn’t post it on Facebook)?

Maybe you gained a little weight or maybe it was a bad angle. 🙂 Whatever the case, wearing the “right” collar can actually enhance the look of your face (i.e. make you look better).

The general rule is that a collar should balance the shape of your face. (Think: Opposites)

Wide collars (Spread, Cutaway) complement narrow, long faces. They define facial structures.

Narrow collars (Straight, Classic) taper a rounded face.

Also, don’t forget to include v-neck shirts into your wardrobe.

These elongate the neckline (and will make your face look thinner). If v-necks aren’t your thing (massive chest hair?) then opt for a low crew neck t-shirt. Alternative Apparel and American Apparel (The Track Shirt) are good ones.

It’s difficult to find the combo of: the collar you want, the pattern you like and the fit that looks best on you in one brand… that’s why custom is a great route to take. And you’re in luck, because I know just the place to get ‘em! (From me, a brand that I work with called J.Hilburn. www.jhilburn.com)

Happy Friday!


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