Fresh Start

Happy New Year!

Couple things:
Yesterday I started to watch the first season of Californication. Ever seen it? I like it. Although, it made me miss Los Angeles even more. There’s a scene where David Duchovny speaks to a high school class and says something to the affect of, being a writer is like giving yourself homework everyday. I’ve been on vacation and so, haven’t written in a few weeks. Since blogging isn’t a job, so to speak, you can’t really set up an away message. Anyway, I’m back. And ready to pick up the Monday- female posts and Friday- male posts. 🙂

The service that I almost always start off with for my clients is Closet Detox. It is SUCH a good feeling when you look in your closet and know it’s filled with things that you’re actually going to wear… and that you’re confident you look good in.

I took on a much bigger task today and helped my parents tackle their closet in the basement- yikes! In addition to baby pictures, dance recital costumes and old boyfriends’ t-shirts, (mine not my mom’s- that would be weird :)) there came quite a few discoveries, some of which might be helpful to hear about.

FYI- Take a look at your stored clothes at least once a year. I found tons of scarves and sweaters, all of which have been stored away for years (didn’t need ‘em). Now that I’m in MI, and have been freezing, finding this loot couldn’t have come at a better time. (I forgot about what I had. And as many have experienced, when you forget you own things, you tend to buy the replacements.)

A couple items I kept from going to Goodwill, thinking I could incorporate them: a red satin cummerbund (circa ’83?), a puffy vest (’73?) and a pants rack that I’ll use to hang scarves. (I need to free up shelf space and you know hanging pants on these kinds of hangers is not a great idea as it gives them an unwanted crease in the middle of the leg.)

Lastly, the grand finale if you will… I found a black leather Prada briefcase. Don’t get excited and run to the nearest thrift shop that I have donated this to just yet…

This one really cracked me up. I was in college, and going through a Canal Street (NYC) phase. You know what I’m talking about- thinking “real-fakes” were… cool? (This was before that BagBorroworSteal site was around and at a time when college kids really were broke.) Anyway, do you ever look at something and remember the whole story behind it? That’s how I felt. I remember I told my roommate that I should get this briefcase because I’m going to need it for when I graduate… for all the important documents I’ll be using at all my important meetings. (I was serious here.) And I also recall her admittedly agreeing with me.

Some things you keep because they are timeless, others because they are of great quality or a few, because they make you laugh… or remind you of how far you’ve come.

(The briefcase didn’t make the cut, by the way. :))

Lastly, I debated if I should post some of the “finds.” I mean, I already took the pics to send to my friend. But then I thought, do  I really need to broadcast what’s in my parents’ basement on the net? Am I going to feel like a total creep?! But then I figured, I’ve already confessed to buying fake Prada once upon a time, so I might as well dig the hole a little deeper. 🙂




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