New Year, New You?

At the start of every year, you hear this phrase. Not only is it unoriginal, but it really doesn’t make sense.

For starters, doesn’t it just seem weird to revamp your life… in the middle of winter? I always thought major changes were more likely to happen on your birthday or maybe in September (even when you’re no longer starting a new school year). At least then, the gym would be less crowded.

If you’ve made some resolutions, particularly ones that relate to your wardrobe, your style or just simply how people perceive you, my advice is to go easy on yourself. I think most people put a lot of pressure on themselves; as in: I’m going to go through an overhaul- buy all new sh*t, throw out everything and… be this new person that I totally want to be.

I recently read something that stated, “makeovers are so last decade.” The new term, according to the article, is “make better.” (I really need to start recording from where I read things; pretty sure I’m not big time enough for anyone to get pissed at me yet. :)) Anyway, in following the make better theory, take steps to get there. You’re in luck (simply by being a guy). Your wardrobe is pretty basic, so freshening up your style isn’t such a monsterous task.

The bare basics of what you need now: an excellent fitting coat (wool), crisp dress shirts, (clean) white t-shirts, a cool belt (and by cool I don’t mean a huge ornament buckle), brown boots, colored socks, a v-neck sweater, a simple pair of jeans (think: 501s), a nice suit and a watch (it’s easier for girls to get away with checking their cell phones [for the time]).

Pretty easy, right?

As always, hit me up with your questions.

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