It’s All In Your Head

Do you ever notice how certain clothes make you feel certain ways? Like a suit makes you feel … sharp, or your fleece sweatpants make you feel … lazy, or that little dress … foxy. (Yes, I did just use that adjective.)

Some people act as though they don’t care about clothes; “they are who they are, take ‘em or leave ‘em.” Those people are lying. Clothes make you feel a certain way, just like not having clothes on makes you feel differently too.

I knew a guy who worked from home. Every morning he would wake up, have breakfast, put on a suit … and walk across the hall (to his office). When I first heard this, I thought it was totally ridiculous. No one is seeing him, and isn’t that the reason most of us try to look halfway decent at work anyway – to be presentable?

Then I started to work from home … and my attitude changed. In the beginning, I thought it was sweet. “Hey, I’m in my bikini and flip flops and no one knows!” But then the ‘wear anything I want’ novelty wore off and I started to feel like how I was dressed – like a bum/slacker/non-professional.

Home office aside, this goes for any mentalilty you want to be in. Trying to find motivation to work out? Put on your yoga pants and you’ll be far more likely to get your ass to the gym than in your oversized hoodie and moccasin slippers. Have an important meeting? Dress up a little more than usual (this goes for people in creative fields too – I’m talking about gigs where you can wear jeans/pretty much anything on a daily basis). Meeting that guy you’re “talking to” after work? Pull out something from your “cuter work clothes” selection and add some accessories for pizzazz. (Where am I coming from with these nerdy adjectives?)

The point is, if you want to get yourself in the right mindset, the first step is in what you put on. Although, I still think a suit, for walking a couple feet, is ridiculous. 🙂


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