Juuust Right

I was in Chicago this week and I came across something I didn’t like, but thought I should mention anyway.

Many guys get nervous about ties. Can I rock a skinny tie? Do I even like skinny ties? What’s the right size to get? Does this look like something my dad would wear? Etc…

Skinny ties, much like skinny jeans, look great on certain individuals; it’s not a style that is for the masses. Your best bet is to go with a tie that is around 2.5” wide. Not too small, not too big, juuuuust right. 🙂

Here is a new style tie that is waaaay big. I’m not a fan; I feel like it should be accompanied by a curly haired wig and a red rubber nose (picturing a clown), but let me know if you feel differently and want it to be the next big thing.


wide tie

wide ties

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