The Fashion Snow

I know everyone is starting to look ahead to spring (even though that little groundhog did see his shadow). The truth is, it’s still pretty cold out. So before you spend all your money on cute cut-out one piece swim suits, here are a couple winter style thoughts:

Buy now: Boots
These are on sale at virtually every shop! And the best  part is, you’ll be able to wear them for the next several months. (I.E. Throw them on with a skirt or shorts when it gets warmer.)

Quick note: Has anyone ever worn Moon Boots before? (I can feel my friends laughing at me now. :)) Well, if you haven’t, I highly suggest them! The have been around forever. (As in, when I recently showed up in them, my dad proceeded to shake his head and tell me that he had a pair in the 70s when they were $25.) Anyway, they are guaranteed to keep you warm at up to -35 degrees!! True, unless you’re Bear Grylls, who would want to be in that situation? But it does speak volumes about the quality! If you haven’t seen them in your local shops, then check ‘em out online:

moon boots

Gloves: Depending on where you live, you most likely need a few different pairs: 1) a fingerless pair- you can’t text/email on your phone otherwise 2) a leather pair- because those fingerless ones don’t keep your digits warm! (especially good to have on while driving) 3) some type of  waterproof style (needed for hitting the slopes, building a snowman etc.)

And please, don’t wear jeans while skiing!


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