Bad Breath, Bad Hair or Bad Clothing?

I’m listening to the radio, the new Amped radio to be exact (Which, by the way, how is it new or different from its spin off station?) and the DJ has proposed the question: “Ladies, when you’re out tonight, which is your deal breaker: bad breath, bad hair or bad clothing?”

This has got me thinking, do we have to choose? Is “D” an option? (All of the above) Hold on … a woman just called in and said, “bad hair.” Her reasoning was that you could give a guy a mint and that his clothes will come off at the end of the night anyway. (Actually, depending on the bar crowd, so could his hair. (That is what I would call in to add.)

As coy as this caller is trying to be, the topic is important in that it’s one we deal with everyday- how you present yourself. No, I’m not going to go into a lecture here, but all of these “elements” are important because they say something about you. Think about when you meet someone or when a person walks into a room, you immediately form some type of opinion of them. True, it can change after getting to know a person, but wouldn’t you rather make a stellar first impression instead of telling your kids, “Your mom thought I was such a _____ (insert noun that isn’t desirable) when she first met me.”

Couple quick pointers to run through before you walk out the door:
Breath: Brush your tongue. (My mom is a hygienist, it’s proven to prevent bad breath.)

Hair: Easy on the product. If it’s windy, your hair should move.

Clothes: Obviously this is broad, but if you have to do the “smell test” (why am I making up all these “tests?”) then you should probably wear the other option. No matter where you’re going, make sure your clothes are ironed and your shoes, shined.

The end. 😉


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