Scuba Scuba Doo!

I got this email yesterday, from Barneys, promoting a neoprene (cough: WETSUIT) dress. What? If you’ve ever worn a wetsuit, you know that it’s probably the last thing you would want to be seen in, above water.

wetsuit inspired

True, the form fitting dresses of last summer are a great fit for athletic/muscular women, but while neoprene is indeed tight, it also bends and folds and doesn’t have that camouflage-suck-you-in feature that a bandage dress offers.

This is one of those examples where a trend should be used in moderation. Personally, I love the scuba inspired look. We don’t need to be so literal though; accent pieces will work well enough. (For example I recently bought a pair of neoprene platform heels. Good thing I get to wait three months to wear them- ha.)


P.S. I know today was supposed to be a guys’ post, so here’s a somewhat relevant pic that you may find entertaining? Fake Shark Attack Westuit

shark attack surfer

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