And The Winner Is…

Yes, I’m writing about the Academy Awards because if you didn’t watch it last night, I want to be the one who spoils it for you. 🙂

Couple quick mentions: 1) I now want to get into documentaries (who doesn’t want to save a dolphin?! 2) I’m tempted to re-rent every 80s teen flick by John Hughs. 3) Didn’t you just want to hug Gabourey Sidibe (Precious)?!

Moving on…as we all have different tastes, some might disagree, but my favorite dress of the night was that worn by Zoe Saldana. How fun does that look?! The golden top mimics her skin tone while the deepest shade of violet reflects back to her hair color. It was a fantastic mix of texture and she got noticed, in a good way!

Having virtually every woman in a sweetheart or straight neckline was a bit boring, yet a sweetheart is the most flattering cut for a woman so I understand why. (By the way, I love the Jenny Packham dress Miley Cyrus wore- just seems a liiiitle too tight.)

Having said that, take a look at which features you have in common with these girls and remember a few tips:

Fabric: You basically want the material you wear to reflect your body type. Where you are straight, choose fabrics that have structure; where you have curves, wear materials that drape. (Think: This is why women that have larger thighs than chests, look best when wearing tunic tops over skinny jeans.)

Example: Material that drapes over soft arms (instead of wearing a stiff wrap).

Example: Structured material over a straight frame (rectangle).

* You can create movement with the placement of details (Sandra Bullock) or create a waistline with a thin belt (Victoria Beckham).

Lastly, obviously I’m not opposed to mixing fabrics, but it’s not working for Hillary Swank; it looks like two separate pieces trying to be a dress. And you know there is some serious double stick tape happening here, yet it still couldn’t prevent the very visible “APT” going on. (Can I say “armpit tit” on a blog? Are these posts going down hilll? ha.)


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