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I’m in one of my favorite coffee shops, the Plymouth Coffee Bean and this guy is totally chatting up the girl behind the counter. (At the moment, they are talking about what they want to do with their lives.) He’s sort of got this geeky chic thing going on: short collared shirt, glasses- laid back though.

He has got me thinking, why not? Guys, unlike girls, are pretty limited when it comes to accessories. You might be thinking, “Um, what? I’m a MAN, I don’t need to accessorize.” Right, but just like a watch, it’s easy to incorporate and it says a lot about your personality.

black glasses

black glass frames


So I say, bring back the glasses! Just think about some of these things first:

1) Don’t try too hard. (This obviously goes for anything you wear.) If a particular shape or color is ‘in’ that doesn’t mean you will look good in it.

2) Try them on before buying! (i.e. ordering off the net) I came across a new company, Warby Parker, that eliminates the guesswork. They will send you five sample glasses at no charge. You try each on, see which fits best, and then return them (also free). They’ll send back the pair you like with the prescription lenses in place. Pretty cool, huh?

Color: Tortoiseshell looks great on brown and blond haired guys; black is black and meshes well with dark-haired fellas and definitely makes that ‘nerd’ statement on blondies. Color or clear frames give off an ‘artistic’ vibe.

Shape: Round Faces call for contrasting angular frames to create balance. Conversely, Oval Faces (long & lean) need frames that accentuate width. (Pick frames opposite the shape of your face.) Triangular Faces (broad forehead and narrow chin) look best in specs that mimic your bone structure (i.e. aviators).

3) The frame should hit at your eyebrows. (Not above or below)
4) Keep it classic. Glasses already command much attention, you don’t need a whole lot else going on (unless you’re in a band!)

Speaking of bands, I went to the Metro Times Blowout in Hamtramck last weekend. Stop me if you’ve heard this, but I really liked some of the stuff from The Detroit Cobras. (I know, I know, they’ve been around for about 10+ years and I’m now getting on the bandwagon. :)) They’re hard to find. But their ’96 album Life, Love and Leaving is (obviously) on iTunes.

The Detroit Cobras, He Did It


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