It was my mom’s birthday last week and so, I treated her to being a ‘queen for a day.’ (haircut, personal shopping, lunch and new outfits!)

My mom is a dental hygienist, and like so many women who wear a uniform to work, their wardrobes lack basic pieces. Because much of her time is spent in scrubs, she gets really excited about buying ‘other’ clothes.

The problem, we realized, after going through a Closet Detox, is that she had a lot of ‘one and done’ tops. I like to use the term, outfitty. Basically, pieces that don’t lend themselves to easily making other outfits. They are either too much of a pattern, not the right material or shape for layering or just plain, too ‘memorable.’ These are the kind of tops that you usually buy with a specific intention in mind. (“I’ll wear this to the wine tasting event I have next week!”) That’s great and all, but what do you do with these clothes after? How can you extend their life and make them into other outfit combinations?

The easiest route is to have good basics in place. I’m talking about jackets, cardigans, blazers, things that we can layer around-giving you a bunch of wardrobe creations instead of that ‘cute top + jeans’ look that can only be repeated over and over again.

How you go about layering depends on the weather and your body. In the case of my mother, her shoulders are narrower than her hips; she is petite on top. The best tops for her are blazers or cardigans under jackets- building up the appearance of her top half creates a balanced look between her hips and shoulders.

So, in conclusion, (feel like I’m writing a term paper here) go for basic pieces that are easy to layer. Solids are a must, but feel free to rock the patterns if you love ‘em.

Isn’t my mom the best for letting me use her as an example?! 🙂

Anyway, this b-day trip has inspired me to create a Birthday Package. I’m thinking of calling it: Queen For A Day (basically a one day personal shopping experience and if not lunch, then some type of food + beverage treat- with the option to include a haircut or blowout (by a professional hair stylist- not me!)


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  1. jeni says:

    That is so cute Lena!

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