After a brutal morning in which I literally watched my 6:25 AM train pass me by (I got there at 6:27), I managed to catch the next one out (four hours later), awesome.

I’m actually half asleep now, but the chick behind me has Tik Tok (Kesha) as her ring tone, so a few more incoming calls and I’ll be up for the day.

Moving on…an old college buddy sent me an email suggesting I write about man sandals (mandals). “It’s 60 degrees people, time for those sandals,” he joked.

This friend, like so many Midwesterners, likes to dress as though it’s warmer out than it really is. I get that we all are looking forward to warmer days, but we’re not there yet!

A few ways you can start the transition into the next season:

(Come to think of it, I recently wrote something similar for women- hey, lots of crossover styles lately!)

Military Shirt: (some call it a utility, work or western shirt) These are the ones with two pockets and epaulets on the shoulders. I’ve always been a fan of this style as it looks good on both the skinny guys and the bigger boys. They are also casual enough for everyday, yet work well for night too.

Khaki: trousers, jackets, shoes and bags- incorporating this color will make you feel one step closer to warmer days  🙂

Denim shirts: Make sure it’s a different wash (color) than your jeans- if wearing together.

Earth tone t-shirts: Suggestion: Maybe retire your graphic tees from Hot Topic and stock up on basics. I’m talking about crew, v-neck and long sleeved waffle knit (thermal) pieces. Have grey, army green, white and navy on hand. Easy & affordable options: American Apparel, Alternative Apparel and Gap.

Ok, I can no longer concentrate. Kesha ringtone girl is still yapping to her friend. I won’t divulge into the whole convo, but to paint you a picture, key words I’m hearing: trashy, cheating, beating her ass— mixed with a whole lot of double negatives. Six hours of this?! I should have driven…

Sparty On!

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