Mastering Being Comfortable

I’m watching 1st & 10. (I’m at my brother’s apartment, which is about the only time I catch PTI or Around The Horn.) I like sports, I just don’t feel the need to religiously tune in to Sports Center…and I find watching golf on TV, painful.

Guess what highlights are on now, The Masters, ugh.

I know it’s a total girl move to talk about what the athletes are wearing (Was anyone else amused by Tennessee’s circus-like warm ups?) but this time, a guy is taking note of the on course apparel.

The commentator is rambling about how Fred Couples looked like a bum, like he could care less, like Margaritaville is playing on repeat in his head. (My thoughts, not his.) What did he do? He didn’t wear socks, exchanged his spikes for tennies and his pants were wrinkled, gasp! 🙂

If I were dressing Freddy, I’d let him loose like that. (Wait, I would make sure his pants were ironed.) The guy felt comfortable and guess what? He’s at the top of the leaderboard.

In an effort to find a theme here (and not just impress you that I know about Couples’ come back :)) I will say that when you’re comfortable, you perform well. If you have presentation at work, a date with someone new or just in your everyday activities, if you feel restricted, self-conscious, even itchy (!) you are NOT going to be able to be yourself and focus on what you have to do.

So, while your clothes shouldn’t be wrinkly, they should be comfortable; if that means not wearing socks, go for it!

P.S. Nice final game for Mike Modano!

Happy Opening Day!


Image from Reuters

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