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I have been asked to write a male version of the Closet Detox article I wrote for the ladies.

On the one hand, a guy’s wardrobe is sometimes easier to tackle-simply because you don’t have as many types of clothing, on the other hand, I have found that guys will always have that boy mentality. (I hear one of my female clients echoing in my head, “I would never date a man under 40, unless for sex! They are just too immature to handle.” She’s a firecracker, for sure. :))

When I say boy mentality, I mean, your clothing choices are primarily made based on comfort ability and ease of dressing. Just because ‘it’s comfortable’ doesn’t mean you should keep it! (I know I just wrote that post backing Fred Couples on being comfortable…but there is a line here, guys!)

Couple things: if you are doing any of these, you need to change it, you know, grow up…a little.

1. You have to unbutton your shirt to put it on. That means, unbuttoning the front and the cuffs. No more slipping it on over your head and through the sleeves. (If you can do this, the shirt is probably too big.)

2. It may be easier to throw a belt on over those pants that no longer fit, but trying to mask the fact that you can’t and haven’t buttoned them up is just lazy!

3. I know space may be limited, but try to fold more than you hang. Do you know how ridiculous it is to wear a shirt that has the hanger bump on it?! (Usually this happens with knits- sweaters, polos, etc where the hanger leaves a bump just before the shoulder area.)

4. Put your hangers on from under the shirt; hanging your clothes from the inside neck stretches it out.

5. We all love our old favorites, but if that t-shirt looks as if it’s going to evaporate as you hold it up, then you need to let it go.

6. My grandma taught me this a long time ago, the dryer is your enemy. We’ve all been in a time crunch and the dryer has saved the day, but try as much as you can to NOT use the dryer, not only do clothes shrink, but they wear out quicker in there. (Air dry is best.)

7. Ironing: I usually hear one of these responses: “What?! Um, what are you talking about? I don’t iron anything. Isn’t that what the cleaners are for? Or wrinkle-resistant material? Or my mother? :)” In any case, if you aren’t having someone else do this job for you, it still needs to be done. There are very few materials in a guy’s wardrobe that can forgo this (linen, moisture-wicking polyester and blended fabrics are a few).

8. Suits: Men and women gain weight differently. Women can gain weight in a number of places, whereas men’s extra lbs usually end up in the stomach or evenly distributed throughout their body. (Think about it, have you ever seen a guy with huge thighs and a skinny upper body? Doesn’t really happen.) When checking to see if you need a new suit, make sure both the jacket AND trousers fit. If either of them are too small, you need to get a new one. (It’s easier to take in, then let out.)

(Client thought this was funny…Such a shame it no longer fits; three-piece suits are back in style!)

three piece suit

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