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People dress differently in each city.

I was in Denver this past week (quick shout out to my buddies in the Mile High City :)). And as I was strolling through Boulder, I thought about taking a few guys’ pictures and doing some type of “people on the streets” bit.

Every region, actually every neighborhood within a city, has its own vibe and thus a specific type of dress that people adopt. If you haven’t had the chance to visit a particular city (or the desire) than I thought this would be helpful in giving you a glimpse of what the dress code is.

For instance, the Denver/Boulder area is very laid back. Since there isn’t a beach or an ocean, it’s not the kind of mellow feeling you’d get on the West Coast or even at beach cities in the South; it’s more of a rugged casual feel. (I’m not painting you the best picture am I? Well, now you see why I wanted to start taking photos.)

Have you ever packed for a trip and weren’t sure what the “vibe” was in that destination? I’m excluding beach trips since that’s pretty easy and predictable to pack for. You have your clothes, great for where you live, but have you ever been confused/stressed/nervous about what to wear, where?

This topic popped in my head as I was packing for Denver. I was rolling up a shirt that I had worn in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. (Wow, I better hope there aren’t multiple pictures of me wearing that shirt on Facebook! Isn’t that annoying about FB? You could be with a completely different group of people…in another country…and still get pegged as a repeat (outfit) offender!)

Moving on: the shirt I’m speaking of is a versatile piece; that’s the key here. You want something that you can make a few changes to so that it’s easily adaptable to various climates and environmental ‘vibes.’ My multi-city article of clothing is a navy gingham button down. You know what’s great about this?

It’s light: I can put a jacket over it in the fall or roll up the sleeves in the spring.

It’s a button down: it can be worn as a shirt, or as a second layer (unbuttoned)

It’s covers all demographics: if I’m meeting with a business owner or a new client, it looks strong and polished, but not boring/corporate-ish. I can wear a tank under it to make it more casual or no shirt under and just a necklace for a sassier approach (ooooh).

I’ve worn it with shorts, jeans, tucked, untucked, with layers under and over, with hats, flats and heels, dressed up, dressed down and in almost every city and town. (Sorry for the boarder line Dr. Seuss rhyme.)

After writing this out, I’m starting to wonder how this little guy is still holding up!

Oh and back to my picture taking idea…the next day I saw that chick on the Real Housewives of New York pacing the streets doing the same thing. She’s such a dingbat that I instantly didn’t want to do it anymore. (Also, I thought of it more as a spur of the moment thing, not some planned nonsense in which I have to deal with forms etc.) So there you go-no images of bros in different area codes.

However, if you are itching to see ridiculousness, open up that Walmart email that’s been sitting in your Inbox. What’s that? You delete forwards from your mom? I hear ya. Well, this is it: People of Walmart

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