Closet Detox-Part Deux

Here are some helpful tips on what to do after you’ve given your existing wardrobe an overhaul. It’s the latest article I wrote for the online publication, ASK.

This is part 2. (Your closet has already been detoxified!)

At this point, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself; your head’s cleared, closet organized and you’re ready for the new fabulous pieces to start being incorporated into your wardrobe. (Even if it’s looking barren in there!)

What do you do now? You make a list. You start by taking note of what you need and prioritizing each item. For example, if all you have is open toe sandals and it’s raining outside, then you need a good pair of boots. If the only pair of pants you own is jeans and you spend most of your time at work, (and the corporate dress code doesn’t allow jeans) then you need to buy a pair of dress pants-STAT! If you have the budget in place to revamp everything at once, then have at it! If not, then your first step will be to get the basics in place. Buying up every ‘on trend’ item, without having core pieces, will only leave you looking ‘OUT’ the very next season and having to buy lots more clothes.

Before getting the goods, think about a few factors: Where do you spend most of your time? What style would you like to have? (Since I can’t go through a Style Consultation with you now, look at celebrities you like and whose style you’d like to emulate; that’s a good start.) How do you want to come across?

If you spend most of your time running errands and with your children, yet your closet is predominately composed of sassy heels and formal dresses, then you really need to get clothes that you can wear everyday. (And maybe plan a night out where you can wear those dressier clothes!)

So many people have closet identity crises; their wardrobes don’t mimic their current lives. A simple way to analyze this is to: write down what you do in a typical week, then make a pie chart, dividing up your time in each category. (I realize this is all starting to sound tedious, but it really does help once the facts are starring you in the face!)

Have you recently started to work from home, yet your closet is full of suits? Do you work out several times a week but only have one pair of yoga pants? You get the point; take an honest assessment of your life now and the clothes you need for it.

Once you know what you need and the image you’d like to portray, the next part is finding the brands and cuts of clothing that work best for your shape. (Think of how good it will feel to find a pair of jeans that you love!)

Your style personality (sporty, alluring, romantic, classic, elegant, traditional, creative or dramatic), your body structure and your budget will dictate the best places for you to shop. Wherever you choose to buy from, remember to always bring your list! Strict budget or not…you will most likely find yourself returning home with something other than what you intended (and a list that still needs to be crossed off) without it.

Hey, I’m a list person.:)

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