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This past weekend I went to the Bebe Kardashian launch in Detroit. It was held in a swanky makeshift loft and I believe my friend was the only blonde in the building. (Ah, what it must feel like to be so standout!)

The line was, in my opinion, to be expected. Skin tight minis, one shoulder looks, basically anything you’ve ever seen the “Dash” sisters in.

After seeing the show and taking a look around the crowd, a few notes came to mind:

1) Less is more. How do you achieve an alluring look? You can play with length (short skirts); you can play with fabric (body hugging material) or you can bare skin (one shoulder styles for example), ideally not all three! If all of your cards are on the table, why be in the game? By highlighting just one of these features, you can easily portray vamp… and not tramp.

2) Feel confident in what you’re wearing. We have ALL had those nights where we just feel completely “blah!” The times where the clothes, the hair or the makeup (or sometimes all of it) were just not working out-it happens. What I’m talking about is eliminating the uncomfortable situations before walking out the door. I.E. If your dress barely covers your behind, and you’re pulling it down all night, then that will be annoying for you and obvious to everyone else.

(A quick check and yes, this is coming straight from my parochial childhood: stand up straight and place your hands by your side. If your skirt is the length of your fingertips or longer, you are in the clear lengthwise for most situations. If what you are wearing is much shorter, then I would advise you NOT to wear it to meet your boyfriend’s parents! Get it?

3) Own your body and accept yourself, but have a healthy dose of reality too. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, if you understand your body and know how to dress it, you will look fantastic. There is however, a fine line. If every lump, bump and curve is visible in what you are wearing, then you should rethink some part of the ensemble.

Overall, if Bebe is one of your favorite retail stores, and you love the Kardashian sisters’ style, then you will be elated with this joint venture collection. If you’re on the fence and don’t want to go the direct interpretation, then use one of their dresses as a base layer. Balance out the form fitting silhouette with a loose fitting poncho, jacket or top.

More pics from the night at Metromix: http://detroit.metromix.com/bars-and-clubs/essay_photo_gallery/party-pics-bebe-fashion/1924321/content

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