Exciting news! I am now the Personal Style Writer for Examiner.com. Here is the latest article. (Although I had to use a different title for their site. :))

The V Card

Question: You meet someone for the first time, when shaking hands, would you rather have him or her look at your face, chest or feet?

Face of course (even if you have gorgeous feet or love your rack)! You always want the focus to be at your face, not necessarily because it’s your best feature, but because it’s where we communicate from. When you walk in a room, you don’t want people starring at any one particular part: your stomach, feet, chest etc; it will distract the person from what you are saying and your message will get lost.

There are several ways to bring the eye’s attention upward and depending on your characteristics, (short or long neck, narrow or broad shoulders) you can use different tricks to accomplish this. One universal, simple solution is…

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