Shoe Repair:

where & who to go to

I found a shoe repair shop that is a great resource for both men & women!

The father & son team get you in and out the door and clearly explain if, how and why they can revive your shoes (or in my case, explain why I should have never bought those platform sling backs in the first place- err…)

With the purchase of their shoes, men are provided better shoe care programs than women. If you are a guy and you buy a pair of Allen Edmonds wing tips for example, for $99 extra you are signed up to receive their Recrafting (R) process. When you are feeling as though your kicks need a spa treatment (I’m talking more than a basic shine) you send them in and they are sent back as good as new.

On a recent shoe shopping trip with a client, the salesperson described (at length and in detail) how the brand will replace the heels, soles, laces etc, claiming, “These will last you twenty years!”

While we both appreciated his efforts in trying to educate us (and up sell), does one really want a shoe for ten or twenty plus years? Wingtips are a classic. They ‘go’ with suits, jeans and dress pants. When worn, they give off that, ‘Yeah, I know what’s up, but I’m not a jerk’ look. That seems to be a feeling most guys would like to portray…and most girls will respond to. And as my brother said to me yesterday, “Guys dress for girls; girls dress for other girls.”

Side note: my client did stick with wingtips, but he opted for a Cole Haan pair instead. The reasons being:

1) I told him to. 🙂

2) He liked the color more.

3) This pair had the Nike Air (R) cushioning which he felt was more comfortable and he’d rather have immediate satisfaction (as opposed to waiting for them to break in).

4) While the Allen Edmonds pair was sharp, he was into the idea of getting a new pair every few years instead of the long commitment of twenty years…even if they will look the same as the day he brought them home.

If you’d like to watch how Allen Edmonds tears apart their shoes rebuilds them. Here’s the VIDEO.

Info for the metro Detroit shoe repair shop HERE.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


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