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Your Summer Short Options

Guys, summer is here! Time to get your basic wardrobe in order. Shorts should be on your list. You’d think this would be pretty easy not to mess up, yet it happens. (See below for the photo I found on Flickr.)

Most brands have three lengths to choose from: 11,” 9” and 7.” While there really is no right or wrong size, I usually favor the 9.” Eleven is a bit modest and 7” is slightly scandalous.:)

Whether you have massive thighs or skinny limbs, it really doesn’t matter, wearing a slim short keeps you looking put together and trimmer.

Conversely, baggy, cargo and drawstring pairs, say: ‘I’m working on the house.’ or ‘Hold me up boys, I’m ready for another keg stand!’ Unless you are fishing, do you really need all those pockets? They add bulk to your body…but do go rather nicely with ‘phrase’ t-shirts from Hot Topic.

Another option is to make your own. This rugged look is best when done on a pair of corduroys or jeans. Tip: make your first cut at the knee; you can always make shorter but not longer!

A couple of years ago I read in a men’s magazine (of course, drawing a blank on which one): “Guys, before wearing your jean shorts, make sure to pretreat them by throwing them away.” I still laugh out loud when I say that.:) The funny thing is, trends are recycled and jean shorts are back in the mix.

cargo shorts

"Haven't I turned you down before?" That's what the shirt says...

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  1. Paul says:

    I think the magazine was Esquire…

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