Things that make you go, hmm…

At the moment, I am pondering where is the best (aka awesomely bad) people watching spot. Is it at a coffee shop in Redondo Beach, a Southwest terminal or poolside in Vegas? I’ve covered all these in the past 48 hours and the numerous barefoot, half naked guys and gals that have walked into the bean (The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) have really made me question what people are thinking.

Here are a few keepers of things that have made me say, ‘hmmm’ over the past couple of days.

Exhibit A: Sunglasses indoors…at 1 A.M. Unless you are a top contender in the World Series of Poker or one of the MIT students in 21, put them away, you are not mysterious. Besides, how can you make eyes at the lovely lady who’s rolling your numbers? (Not me, it was a friend…and she did quite well that night! (I mean at Craps. ;))

Shooting Craps

Exhibit B: Stilettos at the pool/beach. Sweetness, did you forget to change out of your work shoes? I’m not disagreeing that heels do make one look and feel skinnier…and who doesn’t want that when you are strutting around in your skivvies? But, you are coming down HARD if you catch a puddle of water. I don’t remember the front visual, but I’m predicting the fly is unbuttoned and folded over. Nice.

The Wynn pool

Exhibit C: Cork floats! I know it, I had that project in Preschool too. This one was quite chatty. She (ungracefully) made herself a seat next to me and started splashing around. As random as she was, I actually got a kick out of this cheerful stranger. Which leads me to say: if you are going to wear heels this summer, choose a wedge style.

cork sandals

Exhibit D: The boyfriend. Hmm. What catches your eye here? The hair product? The jewelry adornment? The Zoolander pose? I don’t know. This pic was just too good not to include.

Exhibit E: Cargo Jhorts: C’mon man. Sure I just wrote an article giving jean shorts my thumbs up…but that didn’t include a cargo version! Also, what are we saving that ‘beater’ for? When your friends can’t find theirs, you’ll be the stylish one of the group; smart thinking!

jean shorts

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