NHL Draft

Tonight is the first round of the NHL draft and I’m pretty excited to watch it. I’m not a sports fanatic, nor can I hold my own in a conversation with my thirteen year old cousin when he spits off the stats of players who retired before he was born, but I do take an interest in events like tonight.

This will probably sound extremely girly, but I’m watching to see my clients, to see how they look on TV. I guess one could liken it to how Rachel Zoe watches her clients on the red carpet…yeah, sort of like that…kind of.

When I first started as a Personal Stylist, I had little interest in men’s attire. There’s really only so much to work with (in comparison to women’s clothes). Then about a year ago, my views on men’s style started to change. Much of this reformed mindset came from collaborating with the men’s clothier, J.Hilburn. Being able to weigh in on fabric selection and finally working with a streamlined operation of custom apparel, guys’ clothing started to get fun.

I never would have thought that finding that perfect pocket square- the one that just ‘goes’ with your shirt, suit and tie, would get me giddy. As I put it all together and stepped back, the people working in the shop ooohed and ahhhed and just plain felt good about the ensemble that was created and the sharp looking dude that would get to wear it.

As a quick aside, I’d like to point out that looking good doesn’t always require starting anew. One of the well dressed men of tonight, for example, will be wearing a shirt and suit that he already owns. It sounds so simple (and it is) but adding a tie bar and pocket square can make such an impact on your formal attire.

Only want to pack (or own) one suit but need to get dressed up for more than one day? Then loose the tie and change the shoes (and of course the shirt- change it, not loose it :)) for the next day. Like I said before, guys only have so much to work with, so making a few changes is simple and keeps life easy.

I’ve found that a good looking tie bar is hard to come by in most retailers. If the store doesn’t have anything that strikes your fancy, then head to The Tie Bar. I was amazed at how inexpensive they are on this site! They are also available in 1”- another plus since a long bar can look cheesy (in my opinion).

I wonder if Bettman is used to getting booed all the time…

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  1. Mike says:

    You work with hockey players? That is so cool!

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