Why It Works: Summer Shoes

With each season comes a ‘must have’ shoe and as with every article of clothing, you really need to ask yourself if this ‘works’ for you. Everyone has been there before, you’ve seen or read about a shoe, a jacket or a type of jean that is ‘in,’ you go out and buy it…and then it sits in your closet!

These articles entitled, “Why It Works” are meant to give tips on what will work for you and provide insights on why you bought that (insert piece of clothing or accessory), but have yet to wear it.

On tap today: summer shoes.
Q: What are we working with this season?
A: Wedges, clogs, gladiator sandals and menswear inspired lace ups.

The most important thing to look at in a summer shoe, is SCALE. (Comfortability is good too. :))

The pictures here show you an example.

You always want your clothes and accessories to mimic your natural features. This ensures that the eye keeps traveling and that the focus isn’t on one part of your leg, foot or shoe.

What does this mean? Simply put: if you have medium to large ankles, you will look wonderful in a heavier shoe such as a wedge sandal or a platform. Conversely, if you have small scale wrists and ankles, a dainty heel is gorgeous on you.

In this picture, the client has tiny features; see how the wedge sandal looks massive and just plain heavy on her? The strappy silver heel, however, looks smart and flows because it is in proportion.

Repeat the scale of your body’s features in your accessories and you’ll be selecting the right shoe.

(FYI: I realize that the summer is almost over (!) so it would seem odd that I’m writing about this mid-season…but now is an excellent time to snatch up the summer shoes you’ve been eyeing. Virtually every shop and online retailer posts their sales now. So scoop up that pair and enjoy wearing them at half the cost they were a month ago. :))

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