Happy Hour: Chicago

Late post-the cable is still out at my place due to the tornado-like storm last night. I’m at the library…sitting in a cubicle-reminiscent of the second floor at the MSU Library.

Last week I was in Chicago and while my intention for this post was to merely slap up a few photos from the happy hour event so you could see what a good time it was, I thought: “It’s almost fall, give the people some tangible advice, woman!”

So here we go: black shoes + black belt = boring me to tears. Each day in the Loop my people watching was filled with the Chicagoan business look. He could be 22 or 52, it didn’t matter, he was sporting the same pair of pleated black pants, baggy dress shirt, black belt, black shoes and black messenger bag.

My purpose isn’t to rag on the hard working successful men in the city (I know you don’t all look like this), but more so to point out how I sympathize with the limited options a guy has when dressing for work. I get that commuting can get filthy and the dark colors help to mask that. I also understand that black is…well, black and that it’s an easy ‘go-to’ and usually requires little decision making when matching up the rest of your ensemble…but doesn’t it bother you that your cube mate is wearing virtually the same thing?

You’re most likely going to have to wear a dress shirt to work and can get creative with that; what else can you do amongst the black + black + black uniform?

Try another neutral color instead, for the rest of your look. Brown, tan, olive green, grey and navy. Use these colors to sub out the black in your pants, shoes and accessories (briefcase/bag/belt). Who doesn’t love black? Everyone’s got it and that’s smart, but you’re not differentiating yourself.

Take a look at this Barneys’ ad. I know it’s a casual look (and not necessarily what you could get away with at work). Brown, olive, green, navy these all ‘go’ together. Don’t stress yourself out. It’ll look good.

Barneys Fall 2010

And…here are some pictures from the happy hour in Chicago featuring the J.Hilburn men’s custom clothing line.

Click HERE To See More Pictures.

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  1. Reed says:

    You should feature me….from weddings to the workplace I always show up dressed to impress 🙂

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