“Sorry for partying”- P.B.

Braids, tie-dye, body paint, crossover bags, zebra costumes if you wish (?), shoes that you don’t mind getting filthy, clothes that are conducive to being drenched in sweat, check. If day long concert hopping is in your near future, these are some of the items that should be on your checklist.

I attended Lollapalooza this past weekend and wanted to share a few pics and commentaries.

* Shorts tend to serve as a better alternative than dresses. It’s easier to operate in: dancing, blanket lounging or tree scaling.

* Hats are a good idea and so is sunscreen. A fun head piece is perfectly acceptable (especially if you are honoring Shark Week).

* While many used a bikini top…as their top, several males immediately took off their shirts at the door. It was as if that was required upon entry.

* Something to avoid: tight…anything. Hot & sticky + tight = excess sweating that could have been prevented. Rebel against your hipster heart and wear something with some breathability.

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