What to wear to the corn roast

My sister is starting high school this week. Eeek! Although I’m significantly older than her, I can still remember being that age. If your memory isn’t as good as mine :), try to remember all of the festivities that happen at the beginning of a school year—the festivals, the football games, the dances and so on. Tonight she had the Freshman Corn Roast, which I realize immediately upon typing that, makes it sound as though the cool boys were in overalls and the faculty was dancing throughout fields of corn…with straws of hay hanging out of their mouths. (Did anyone else create that visual? ha)

Moving on—you know how it is with first impressions, especially at that age; what you are going to wear is a big deal! My sister had asked me what she should wear. The past few days have been significantly cooler, so my mom wanted her to wear jeans and she was set on wearing shorts. I’m not going to rehash the whole discussion here. The point I want to make is that as we transition into fall, playing with proportions is a lovely way to ease into the next season.

What do I mean by that? It’s not disgustingly hot anymore nor cold enough for you to be covered head to toe. Balance out your outfits. Long over short & short over long. Wear a jacket, cardigan (something long) over shorts or a skirt. Conversely, if you’d rather be in jeans, pair them with a sleeveless top. This is always a good rule to follow and is even more applicable this time of year when you want to strike a balance between not being cold nor looking naked.

The end.

Photo By: Jim W

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