Window Shopping in Paris

A lot of people like to know what’s ‘now’ in European fashion. It’s been known that the styles across the pond tend to take a few years to migrate over to the states. When you have traveled abroad, you may have felt one of two ways: 1) stoked that you knew/bought the latest trends or 2) bummed that you knew what might lie ahead for U.S. fashion but bummed it ‘wouldn’t make sense’ if you immediately started wearing that upon your return home.

In either case, it’s a good idea to know- to stay in the loop on what’s current and what’s ahead. This isn’t to say that you have to constantly be chasing fads or obsessed with being ahead of the curve, it’s just smart to know what’s out there so that you can decipher what you’d like to incorporate into your look.

My fellow stylist friend was in Paris last week and sent me a few pics of the local men’s selection. (not selection of men :))

3 things to note:

1) Contrasting shirts were everywhere. (This is when there is a different fabric on the inside/outside cuff, collar or placket from the fabric of the shirt. Did I need to explain that?)

2) Double button collars were also showing up in every store.

3) Well-known, fantastic quality, high-end brands like Brioni and Loro Piana are selling the SAME fabrics (i.e. baby cashmere) as us (J.Hilburn) … and for much more (i.e. $795 EUR vs. $200 USD).

That’s exciting and ridiculous at the same time. Exciting because it’s always nice to know you’re in good company with your products and that you can compete with the best. It’s ridiculous that we can do this for so much less. A big new thing in retail is for designers to create mass market lines (think: Zac Posen for Target) and while these joint ventures benefit both designers and consumers, something needs to be sacrificed in order for the price to drop and usually that is the material.

My point is: to be able to offer a drastically lesser expensive piece of clothing using the same quality material and not skimping on the construction is a HUGE task. So when you find someone that can do this, jump on it!

(aka- call me and I’ll get you outfitted or set you up w. a stylist in your area)

Have a fun weekend!


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