Fashion's Night Out: NYC

More than a shopping celebration, I believe Vogue Italia described Fashion’s Night Out best by calling it a “carnival on stilettos.” New York’s FNO was packed full of entertainment—double-decker dance parties, games, dumpling trucks and all kinds of shenanigans in between.

The Meatpacking District’s shops took on a bar-like/bar hopping feel, providing tons of booze for event goers to mooch off of…I’m curious to know the sales numbers of the night.

I think the concept of throwing a giant party across the globe to drum up purchases is a brilliant idea. While I haven’t met a person yet that hates to buy online, it’s important to remember that brick and mortar shops are such a huge part of the cities in which you call home. The “cool” vibrant neighborhood you live in or travel to wouldn’t have the same charm if it were not for the retailers that set up shop there. So make sure to pop in and buy from a boutique near you…because the world doesn’t need another Chipotle on the corner.

(Again, didn’t bring my camera, so squinting may help you to see these shotty photos :)).

shopping at Calypso

Hmm. Lately I've been seeing a lot of guys in heels. Hmm...

Helmut Lang + dumpling truck

We really did do more than just eat!

double-decker dance party (you should see the video I took of this guy in action-comedy!)

Giving a stranger the shirt off my back! (Actually he was an underwear I decided to style him with my own clothes??)... & they fit...

I bet you wished I didn't crop this picture...

Signing autographs :)...or reality show release forms...

"I'm sorry-WHAT show will this be on?? Oh and there's a ghost behind me? Nice."

pink grapefruit tic tacs: yum-o!

I'm guessing I didn't guess the correct number. I never win those games anyway.

* Before I forget, the 3/50 Project has a bunch of info on supporting ‘brick & mortar’ shops, if you’re interested.

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