Time to kill at Union Station

I must hold a record for the number of trains missed. While my dear friend was kind enough to drop me off this morning…she went to the wrong station. By the time I trekked all my madness to Union Station, the train had left. No big deal, I’ll just wait five extra hours, pay more and abandon my responsibilities backstage at the Detroit Fashion Week Student Showcase tonight. What really makes my six hour turn eleven hour trip extra enjoyable is having to endure the smells of last night’s Chianti, seeping from my pours, mixed with this care package of white chocolate biscotti from my grandma.

As I sit here longing for a pillow, I’ll try to pass the time by watching the morning rush of commuters scramble through the station. Everyone is mashing together and starting to look like the same person, but I’ll mention a few observations.

Girls: If you are hobbling along in pain, the rest of the world can tell. Most every female will admit that she owns at least one pair of shoes which is more fashion over function. While those ‘stand and look great but don’t ask me to walk in these’ shoes are a killer compliment to your outfit, swap them for a pair of flats while commuting. No one wants another thing to carry when traveling, but your feet will thank you and you will look better when you’re not wincing.

Guys: A simple move of wearing a tan belt and shoes easily ups your style quotient. Black is a more common accessory color, so by merely wearing a different shade you are setting yourself apart.

Speaking of brown, I have just been graced by the Dove street team—most likely college interns, masquerading as football players. A cute idea for uniforms and a creative campaign; how did he know peanut butter + chocolate was just what I needed to change my mood?

He doesn’t look that happy here, don’t let that fool you—he was stoked to pose. (While I, on the other hand, immediately felt less cool for asking him.) Listen people, this isn’t a street style blog. If you want high quality, creative shots of strangers, this isn’t the site for it! Look to The Sartorialist; it’s a great stop for quick visuals of interesting characters.

Since I will be missing the student designers’ fashion show tonight and will be unable to write about the possible budding talent, make a night out of it and check out the styles in person. If you are in metro Detroit, here are the details:

September 23, 2010

7:30 PM

Royal Oak Farmer’s Market



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