A Custom Shirt: Before & After

I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to picture what the finished product will look like when getting something custom made.

This may help. Here are a few images of a custom shirt from start to finish.

(as a swatch, a finished product and then on a real person)

This fabric is from the J.Hilburn British Invasion Collection (Fall/Winter ’10) and it’s one of my favorites.

It’s so soft and fantastic and there are several colors to choose from; you will find a color that looks good on you!

As a swatch: (some people are more visual than others; to get a better idea of it as a full shirt, place the fabric on your arm, it helps you picture what it will look like on you)

As the finished product: (By the way, this has an English Cutaway collar, very modern, very stand out. :))

(Quick note: Dev Patel is wearing the same shirt—different collar—except his is from Ermeneglido Zegna.)

J.Hilburn – custom $99.

Zegna – off the rack $349

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