Bye-Bye To Skinny Jeans

Well, not really…

Bringing the wide-leg jeans back in style has been a debate for many this season, and a relief for others (those who struggle with how to pull off the skinnies look).

Fear not! Virtually every cut of jeans is on trend now, so no more standing in front of your closest and feeling ‘blah’ about what to wear; you have lots of options.

If you are a lover of skinny jeans, don’t feel as though you need to ditch them. To make getting dressed a little more fun, continue on with the look and grab a pair of corduroys or that jean brand you love so much in a different color.

If you are over the look and are ready for something new, move on to a wide-leg or flared pair.

On the technical side of things…there are a few factors that determine which style looks best on you. To give bare bones advice, if you’re self conscious about your thighs, the wide-leg look will actually make you look slimmer (because the pants continue down your leg—in line with your widest part, giving no noticeable break). Pair them with heels and you’ll seem taller.

If your legs are thin, skinnies will accentuate this feature; flats or heels will both work (depending on the look you want).

Of course both options can have a different vibe, so my suggestion is to keep both in your closet and alternate them, or find a pair that works best for you and own it in a couple different washes (so you avoid the ‘bury me in these when I die’ message).

Photos by Refinery 29, Alloy

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